About Us




Kerala Café Chat Rooms have been around since 1996 when the first chats for Kerala were created on America OnLine. These chat's evolved from India Chat in 1998 to the current Kerala Café Chat Rooms. In 2001 Kerala Voice Chat was created on the World Wide Web by web designer Biju, who placed the first voice chat for Kerala on the web. These voice chat rooms ran under the hear me voice chat software which eventually went out of business during the tech market crash. Optecs Voice Chats were later started on Kerala Voice Café until they also went out of business due to the rough economy. We are currently running text chats rooms for several years and finally deployed voice and video chats to KeralamCafe.com.


Thank you for all your support for the site during the past 14 years. Our primary effort is to bring together the people of Kerala in one place on the web where they can meet and communicate with each other for free.